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Tips for buying and using a blackhead extractor.

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Tips for buying and using a blackhead extractor.

If you’re planning on buying an extractor to use at home, choose a stainless-steel extractor with a thin angled loop (to gently roll out white heads) and a flat side (to press out blackheads). A stainless-steel extractor is generally considered hypoallergenic for most people, can be disinfected between uses and can be used on any skin type.

Don’t choose an extractor with a lancet, ie a sharp end – you should leave these to the dermatologist, to avoid injuring and scarring the skin. We suggest that you maintain a regular extraction schedule with a dermatologist or aesthetician. However, in-between you can manage simpler extractions at home. This could be a good option to maintain the health of your pores.

What you need to know:

    • Always clean your skin properly with the right cleanser before using the extractor.
    • Know how to identify your blackhead and don’t get it confused or use it on any other type of pimple. Your blackhead should be a blackish colour; if you have any light grey spots, they’re probably sebaceous filaments. Avoid these as they’re smaller and harder to spot and extract than blackheads – trying to get rid of these will only lead to more damage.
    • Take a hot shower, gently apply a warm/hot towel to the affected area or use steam from a steamer to gently open up pores before using your extractor tool on the blackheads or whiteheads.
    • Don’t apply too much pressure, as it’ll only break the skin, leaving it sore. If the blackhead can’t be removed gently, use a topical acne cream instead, like salicylic acid, or visit your dermatologist/aesthetician.
    • For blackheads, use a gentle rocking motion to remove the blackhead. Gently press on only one side of the affected blackhead and gently move the extractor across the area. Moving the tool over the top of the blackhead should cause it to come out as a plug. Wipe the sebum away with a fresh toner pad, to prevent any infections, then wash the extractor in hot, soapy water.
    • For whiteheads, the tool is recommended for the tiny ones around the nose and mouth areas. For larger ones, please visit your dermatologist or aesthetician.
    • Once complete, make sure to tone and moisturise your skin.

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