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Let’s start with the Skincare basics!

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Do I need to know my skin type?
February 10, 2021

Let’s start with the Skincare basics!

Skincare Basics

These articles are designed to empower our ladies of colour with the secrets to healthy and glowing skin. Having issues with our skin not only affects us physically, but also emotionally.

The simple truth is that those with significant amounts of melanin in their skin will face a very specific set of challenges while attempting to maintain an even-toned, blemish-free, brightened complexion. All-too-common roadblocks, including hyperpigmentation, cystic acne, or dry skin ailments such as eczema or psoriasis, mean we often have to create routines that may, or may not, set us up for success. Also, we’re spending unnecessary amounts of money in the process of this trial and error to figure it all out. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for the skin-care issues facing all black women. However, there is a core set of guidelines that may make the journey a little easier:

Our blog will help you gain the necessary knowledge and understanding to start your journey to healthy and glowing skin. Stay Tuned …

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