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Quick tips to healthy skin
Quick guide to healthy skin:
March 4, 2021

Men and Skincare

We believe that skincare is important for men and they can use the same skin care as women. For aesthetics, men can choose men-targeted brands and packaging however the ingredients are essentially the same. A man’s approach to skincare should be similar to women. As Pharell William’s says “Your face is the expression of your personality—you gotta take care of it.”

Men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s skin which means they age slower than women’s skin. It also means that it is more difficult for products to penetrate their skin as deeply. Men’s skin is also oilier than women’s skin thus they are more prone to blackheads and spots. Therefore, their skin may handle more products more easily i.e. glycolic acid. Despite this, the key ingredients for men’s skincare remain the same as those in female skincare.

Quick tips for treating common skincare issues men encounter:

  1. Razor bumps and Ingrown hairs

To treat razor bumps you already have and prevent new ones from popping up, use gentle exfoliating acids like salicylic and glycolic acids. They help release the hair from underneath the skin as well as make it easier for new hairs to grow out without getting trapped. For dark skin particularly a high concentration of acid is recommended. Using a toner with about 2% salicylic or glycolic acid is a good start. Start with using it once or twice a week and then increasing frequency depending on how your skin responds.

  1. Excess Oil

The impulse when dealing with oily skin is to use harsh astringents, like witch hazel or alcohol, to try to dry it out, but that’s exactly what you don’t want to do. Drying out skin will actually make it produce more oil. Instead, “a nice oil-free serum moisturizer helps to keep your skin in homeostasis. Using a lightweight moisturizer with hyaluronic acid will help skin stay hydrated without causing oil production to go off the charts.

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